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E-commerce Logistics

Why should you choose us

In our warehouse with a capacity of 10.000 sqm and a processing power of over 4.500 orders per day, your products will be "like home".

You will optimize your time and the costs dedicated to logistics process, so that you can concentrate on your business.

You will forget about wrong or delayed orders at peak periods of the year (Christmas or Black Friday).

You will reduce your fixed costs during the periods with less orders. With fulfill.ro you benefit from an operational cost directly scalable on orders volume of the online store.

Receiving orders 24/7

Fixed cost

The cost is fixed per order, for reception, pick & pack and return management: 1.2 Euro

Delivery in 24 hours

The package will leave our warehouse in maximum 24 working hours (98% SLA)

Quick return

The returns are processed in maximum 24 working hours (98% SLA)

Black Friday

The package is delivered on time even in peaks like Black Friday or Christmas

How the logistics activity is carried out

Safety and professionalism in the Mediapost Hit Mail warehouse during the Covid-19 crisis

Integrated couriers

We collaborate with all the major courier companies in Romania, so that the orders will always be covered quickly and efficiently.

10.000 sqm

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10.000 sqm




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Home & Design

Pet Food




Jewelry & Accessory

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